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Gorgeous girl! January 21, 2013

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Well, poor miss Alainabug is definitely suffering from second child syndrome…I can barely get pics posted to the blog, let alone whole gargantuan entries! But I just happen to have a moment to write about my littlest sweetie, since she is supposed to be asleep, and because she is not, I don’t want to rock the boat by leaving the room and disturbing the happy baby. That’s right, I’m trapped in my own room, listening to Missy Sissy coo and roll around.

What can we say about Baby Laina Bug? She is getting so big so fast! She can already say baba, gaga, mama, fafa. She learned to blow raspberries months ago. She started sitting and got on her hands and knees when she was 6 months old. She got her first an second teeth when she was 6 months old, too! (The bottom center two.). She is a terrible sleeper, who wakes usually twice a night and can fight bedtime with the best of them.

Miss Alaina started crawling pretty early, around 6.5 months. In October, we went to a potluck at Barbara’s house and she showed all the older kids up! She was the only crawler!!

Now she loves to crawl up stairs (but not down yet), is still a total cuddle bug (aka sometimes you can’t put her down), and is pretty adventurous (I.e. she falls all the time!!!). She likes to throw as many objects off any shelf as fast as she can, before I can come catch her in the act. She puts in her own binky and can walk across the room using the push-walker. She loves to eat crunchies when we are all eating dinner, so the Potter 4 often all sits down to eat together! She loves real peas and hates puréed peas. She loves bananas, which her brother still hates.

She adores her walker (and running over your toes), an isn’t a big fan of the jumperoo. She outgrew the swing at probably about 6 months, and never ever loved it the way Luke did.

She HATES riding in the car at night, and if you don’t have the light on or a video playing or some other distraction, she will scream the entire car ride and not even get close to falling asleep.

She loves to be around people and gets so upset if she cannot join in the fun. She is most content when being held, or if you lay on the ground and she can just crawl all over you like her own personal jungle gym.

She cracks up if you tickle her ribs, refuses to wear socks, and can and will put ANYTHING in her mouth if given the opportunity. Right now she has 4 teeth (2 top, 2 bottom) and seems to be working on number five.

She isn’t much of a drooler, and only wears a bib when she is eating (unlike her poor brother…)! She is 16 lbs and is a little peanut. She is just growing out of her 6 month clothes.

She is the happiest, smiliest, sweetest baby in the world. I absolutely cannot believe she will be 10 months in about a week!
❤ you LainaBug!

Love, mommy.


Gentlemen, start your engines? January 15, 2013

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On 9/11/12, Luke got an American flag. He loved waving it around, but he just couldn’t believe it was for anything other than starting races!


Summer lovin’!

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SissyLaina went on a walk with her babysitter, Laurie. She was nice enough to show me how much fun they were having!


Duck-billed Platybaby!

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This is a rare sighting of the strange and exotic creature. She likes to roll over and eat Baby Mum Mums.


Cool hand Luke…

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When we were camping on Mimi’s birthday weekend, 2012, Luke was trying to play it cool with his glasses on. But he wasn’t fooling me – he was passed the heck out!



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Alaina got a special toy from daddy. She loved to chew on her Sophie giraffe!


Wow does time fly!

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Sweet little Alaina was hanging out with Mimi on her birthday weekend camp out in 2012. She is just over 5 months here.